One Potato, 2 Potato, 3 Potato, 4!


Posted by mcconville2011 | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on March 9, 2015


We had to bring a potato to school! What were we going to do with them?

The first thing we learnt about was hefting, we had to work with our partner to find out which one was heavier and which one was lighter. Then we had to draw around our potato in our book, we then used counters to measure the perimeter of our potato. We shared as a class to find out whose had the biggest perimeter. We also hefted our potato and classroom objects, working out which was heavier/lighter.

Then came the bit we were all looking forward to – making them into potato people just like in the Pamela Allen book ‘The Potato People’. We loved using all the craft materials to make them all into people!

What did you enjoy most in that session?

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