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We are learning to make predictions before, during and after reading. This week we read ‘Who’s in the Shed?’ and made a prediction before reading and then we made a prediction during reading after we used our ‘eagle eyes’ to look at what was happening in the pictures.

Morning Routine

Each morning when students arrive inside the classroom they are expected to complete their morning routine, which includes placing their pink independent reading book box on their tables. Once students have placed their book box on their table they are expected to swap their take home reader in their book bag for a pink dot book that is housed in their book box. Students and parents are no longer required to exchange the pink dot books that are taken home with those located in the classroom library.

The reason for this is that on your child’s allocated reading day they will work with the classroom reading helper to change the 5-6 pink dot books in their book box.

These are the 2 reading strategies we are currently working on in class and we encourage the students to use them at home when reading too.




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